Face Your Bacon

Pigs are more intelligent than dogs, similar to a 3 year old child. So I ask you this, if you wouldn't eat a dog, why would you eat a pig?

Go vegan and end the animal holocaust.

Go to www.challenge22.com to try a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle for 22 days. You'll get your own vegan mentor and dietitian and the best thing about it, its completely FREE!

Being vegan is easy when you put yourself in the animals position.

Vegan Smoothie Recipe

Need a quick breakfast on the go?

Quick, easy, healthy, vegan! 

Smoothie Recipe: Banana, pepita's, rice milk, mac powder, buckwheat, blue berries, cherries and peanut butter. 

Plenty of antioxidants and great source of iron, calcium and protein. Ditch dairy and fuel your body with what comes from the Earth. Don't filter your nutrients through an animals body.

Eggs Are Killing You

Baby male chicks are ground up alive in the egg industry, please don't contribute to this!

Eggs are horrible for your health and give you nasty farts, so lets stop eating things from a chickens ass. You wouldn't eat an egg from my ass and I wipe really well after every poo, so why would you eat an egg from a chickens ass? They don't even shower everyday like I do.

Go to www.nutritionfacts.org for real information about eggs, not the bullshit that the egg industry is feeding you.