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The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. It is up to us to speak up for these animals, if we don't, who will? 

There are plenty of ideas below that you can do to spread the vegan message. Find something that you're interested/talented in and start doing something today! 


Social Media

If you find a picture or video related to veganism, share it on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube if you think it will help people make the connection! Click below for animal cruelty resources.

Challenge 22 Mentor

Become a vegan mentor for someone who is interested in going vegan through the organisation Challenge 22. Help them with food ideas, where to find vegan shampoos and any other questions they may have.

Netflix n Chill

Get that special someone around to watch a vegan related movie/ documentary and plant some vegan seeds. Click on the button below for a list of vegan related films. These films are an incredibly powerful tool. 


Hand out leaflets to the public, family and friends or letterboxes with information about going vegan. Click below to order your leaflets.

Vegan stencils

Stencils can be used to spray paint chalk vegan messages on footpaths, for body art and to make posters. Click on the button below to get your vegan stencils. 


Spread the vegan message on the dating app Tinder. Download it today and start speaking up for the animals. 


Host your own screening of the film "Dominion", which is the 2018 Australian version of the famous "Earthlings" film. This film is a game changer.

Earthlings experience

Show the public the reality of factory farms and slaughterhouses. All you need is a device that can play videos. Click on the button below to get involved.


Chalking vegan messages is a creative and colourful way to spread the vegan message. You can chalk outside schools, inner cities, literally anywhere that has high foot traffic. Click below for chalking ideas.


Order some vegan stickers and start sticking up for the animals. Stick them on your laptop, mobile, car, street signs, schools, shopping centres, literally anywhere to get the message out there and plant those seeds.


Let your clothing spreading those vegan seeds. This is a great tool to increase awareness about veganism, without having to say a word. 


Posters are great for advertising veganism and providing the public with information and resources on how to go vegan. Click on the button below for posters.


If you are in a financial position to do so, donate to an animal rights organisation/ activist, or sanctuary to help them save animals. 

Anonymous for the Voiceless

Show the public the reality of factory farms and slaughterhouses using Guy Fawkes masks.

Animal Activist Collective

Animal Activist Collective is a group of passionate individuals committed to fighting against animal oppression and exploitation. Click on the button below to get involved.


Save Movement

The Save Movement allows you to bear witness and show these animals on the slaughterhouse trucks some love before they enter the slaughterhouse. Click on the button below to get involved.


The law views rescuing animals as "stealing". If you are rescuing animals from a farm or slaughterhouse please be careful as it can be very dangerous and you may face serious penalties. Click on the link below.


Cook amazing vegan meals and share them with your friends and family. Post photos and recipe ideas onto social media so that people can see that vegans don't just eat salads. Click on the button below for some recipes.


Use your skin to spread the vegan message. Click on the button below to get tattoo ideas and to make sure that your tattoo is vegan.

Kids Activism

If you're a kid/ parent and you want to help save animals by spreading the vegan message, click on the button below to find out how.

Aussie Farms Repository

The most comprehensive collection of animal cruelty videos and photos on the internet. Help expose the truth today! 

Make Videos

Step out of your comfort zone today and educate the public on veganism by making videos on YouTube or Facebook.

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