About us


Sacred Scribble was established in 2018. We believe that its wrong to harm animals for food, clothing, entertainment and experiments when we don’t need to. Our main focus is to help vegans become animal rights activists by offering a variety of activism ideas on our website. We also offer free information to those interested in going vegan such as documentaries, speeches and recipe websites.

Most of our time is spent making vegan stencils for activists around the world. We wanted to offer activists a form of activism that they could do anywhere/anytime without having to rely on other activists or groups. In 2018 Sacred Scribble sent out over 2,200 FREE stencils in 30 countries which have been used for street art, body art, clothing, car decals, posters, banners and much more. What will you use them for?


We do not condone illegal behaviour. Please check your local laws before you stencil.